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E-business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 3

E-business - Essay Example It has been obviously seen that notwithstanding confronting different difficulties and moral issues related with the e-business practice of big business framework, this specific framework contributes fundamentally in hierarchical administration, which is further recognizable regarding improved administration dynamic and compelling use of the open assets. The prime aim of this report is to investigate an electronic business framework, having a critical commitment to hierarchical administration. Hypothetically, the thought of electronic business framework, additionally recognized as e-business, is viewed as a lot of inventive innovations, instruments just as frameworks that help with directing business through on the web or web (Macmillan Publishers Limited, n.d.). The utilization of web mechanism for directing business online is commonly seen as perhaps the greatest power, which has contributed in changing the 21st century business situation radically. It merits referencing that the thought of electronic business framework not just arrangements with purchasing just as selling of items through on the web yet in addition assumes an unequivocal job in serving clients universally, independent of geographic and monetary preventions and most fundamentally, working together with colleagues viably (Durbhakula and Kim, 2011). In this cutting e dge setting, wherein the whole business condition is distinguished to be evolving quickly, the origination of electronic business framework or e-business is seen to increase huge centrality in the corporate world. It is broadly grasped in different industry areas making the business procedure smoother and viable (Alter, 2002; Braithwaite, 2002). It is indispensable to specify that the thought of e-business has picked up its force in this current day setting in the midst of the advertisers because of its imaginative highlights that reach out past the conventional business capacities. In this comparative

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Political Marketing Political Parties

Question: Examine about the Political Marketingfor Political Parties. Answer: Presentation Political Marketing (Baines, 2011) has become the necessary capacity of a political procedure. Heads of states, lawmakers, ideological groups, government offices utilize such advertising ways to deal with accomplish their political targets. Statistical surveying is applied to get hold of the prerequisite of the intended interest group for example the voters that they serve or plan to impact and structure their arrangements as needs be. Voter profiling empowers the making of portions and sub-sections to center while battling. System helps the age of a political brand to develop and assemble a picture which will make a remarkable brand situating in the brains of the voters. There are two parts of the political showcasing for example Outer and Internal. While outer showcasing centers around the voters, the inner promoting produces the help and inclusion of the gathering laborers. Political promoting (Baines, 2011) builds understudies employability and similarity for different occupations and openings with associations. It empowers understudies to develop mentally and comprehend the manner in which showcasing is applied in the world of politics. The understudy likewise increases a systematic and a more extensive point of view of the showcasing and legislative issues. The highlights of political showcasing (Lilleker, Lees-Marshment, 2009) are like the conventional type of advertising. It includes the concocting, planning and usage of projects to achieve the objective of expanding the collusion to the gathering, competitor or a political proclamation inside different appointive gatherings. It is the gross measure of procedures utilized by political associations to impact the voters. The market study is like that in the business field however the qualities of information fluctuate as it concerns political tendencies of the voters, open impression of the gatherings and their pioneers, casting a ballot mentality and exceptional discretionary procedure. Like their corporate partners the political pioneers impact the attitude, emotions, and convictions of the voters to get their arrangement. Source: Aguirre Garcia M.S. :Showcasing en sectores especificos Ediciones Piramide, Madrid. 2000, p.237 Despite the fact that we may get a kick out of the chance to accept that the electorate votes premise the political pronouncement (O'Shaughnessy, Henneberg, 2002) that every competitor advances to people in general at the hour of decisions however unexpectedly, our activities of deciding in favor of a specific applicant is affected by the advertising efforts of the ideological groups. The different systems utilized nowadays by the gatherings to size up the voters incorporate syndicated programs and introductions, Public Relations, entryway to entryway battling, mailers, handouts, boards and broad utilization of radio, print and correspondence. The initial phase in beginning a political advertising effort (Budge, Robertson, Hearl, 2008) is building up an account which is essentially similar to a resume of the pioneer clarifying his experience, family, culture, character, convictions and different qualities to enable the voters to comprehend whom they are casting a ballot. On the off chance that we return to the US Presidential appointment of 2008 the two competitors, to be specific Barrack Obama and John McCain had differentiating accounts. While Obama professed to be a political untouchable who guaranteed another and new methodology in getting a genuine change the nation though then again, McCain put money on his experience as a war veteran who had made penances for his nation. These stories were the premise of the further showcasing efforts of the two gatherings. It ought to be authentic (CAMPBELL, 2005) and the voters ought to have the option to identify with the equivalent and is an incredibly import perspective to begi n a political crusade. It resembles making a marking procedure and fundamentally the same as an organization or an item marking system. In this, the pioneer or the ideological group (Wattenberg, 2004) turns into a brand. An extremely natural model in the present occasions is that of Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi (Jaffrelot, 2015) who has become a brand in himself for Bhartiya Janata Party. In any event, during the state decisions, his name is being elevated to battle the gathering races. In the present condition, the strategies(Smith, 2005) utilized nowadays by ideological groups is internet based life showcasing for example utilization of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to arrive at the majority. With the prevalence and approach of computerized showcasing, an assortment of online apparatuses are utilized to advance the competitors, increment the consciousness of issues, requesting votes and seeing sentiment on the statement of the gatherings. One of the methods utilized by gatherings to arrive at the voter base is by making a Facebook page which permits them to arrive at countless voters by welcoming them for occasions, notices, messages and imparting the perspectives on the gathering heads. Advanced media can likewise be divided (Scholvin, 2016) to spread various messages to an alternate arrangement of voters by topography, position, shading or religion. This strategy was utilized by Donald Trump in the ongoing Presidential Elections and was viewed as the explanation b ehind his prosperity. His showcasing group had altogether inquired about the necessities of voters by topography, blacks versus whites, American versus non-Americans and utilized messages to address every one of these sections. Hillary Clinton then again totally neglected to utilize this technique and despite the fact that the media felt that she would win however she bombed wretchedly at the ground level to arrive at the majority with fragmented messages. Despite the fact that the Facebook Page permits you access to an enormous no of voters adjusted to the gathering or a competitor, it doesn't permit you to grow your range to others which are successfully done using viral images and recordings of discourses shared through the advanced mediums. The ideological groups make amusing recordings, jokes, cartoons of their own and restriction pioneers to build familiarity with issues and draw in the consideration of the voters. These were utilized adequately by Trump and even by Modi (Jaffrelot, 2015) in their political races. Another significant procedure in political promoting (Lees-Marshment, 2015) is negative battling. Winning the decisions is tied in with getting more votes against your adversary which is accomplished by either taking positive about oneself or negative about your rival. It is genuinely regular to see mudslinging being finished by parties on either the convictions or even the character of the pioneers challenging the political decision. The standard negative crusade is Ads of gatherings or during rallies, the pioneers discussing rivals wrong strategies, terrible past and disappointments. While this may appear to be deceptive to do yet then again if the realities are right it uncovered the genuine image of the rivals and their gatherings which the voters may not be in any case mindful. It turns into a significant purpose behind the adjustment in the outlook as the democratic moves approach and can totally influence the feeling. In the presidential decisions, Hillary Clinton talked about Trumps affront for ladies and his antagonistic comments against them in different gatherings which were immediately gotten by the media and tabloids and turned into a subject of conversation. Negative crusade is propelled through Ads on TV and print mediums, political discussions and broad utilization of web-based social networking. In any case, the negative crusade can't prevail in detachment except if it is bolstered by positive battles of the partys convictions and history. Despite the fact that the more youthful age reacts better to online life and TV (Lange, Ward, 2004) yet at the same time an enormous populace can be reached through the old showcasing procedures of post office based mail. The Direct Mail includes broad utilization of pamphlets and leaflets which can be hand-conveyed to voters through papers embeds or dispersed in shopping centers, parks, and other home base areas or even utilization of direct mailers. Handouts are utilized as a small scale promoting instrument to arrive at a specific area of the populace inside a town or city. The flyers, billboards, accumulating, patterns and yard signs are the apparatuses which are utilized in a specific territory to impact the voters. Then again, the media stages like TV, Print, and Radio pull in mass voters and are utilized by political advertisers. It isn't unexpected to see different channels welcoming discussions from open or calling upon pioneers for a go head to head in open gatherings to discuss their statement and attempt and intrigue the voters or watchers. These devices can be utilized to win a mass exposure for the pioneer or the ideological group. Political showcasing helped Donald Trump (Lees-Marshment, Conley, Cosgrove, 2014) win the 2016 races. He formulated an Offer Package of increment employability and open security to American residents. This message was adequately made and conveyed to all fragments of American voters, who were made to understand the need of the over two missing in their lives because of the disappointments of the progressive past governments. The trademark was noisy and clear Make America Great Again. So the vital apparatus applied here was to make a need and guarantee to satisfy the equivalent through change. Then again his rivals predominantly Hillary Clinton couldn't make such need. He situated himself as an effective brand and exploited his prosperity as a representative and imparted an immediate and reliable intrigue to the voters to have faith in his capacity to reposition America as a fruitful nation. Trump utilized negative crusades and demonstrated his rivals in poor light and their powerlessn ess to make an agreeable answer for the monetary and cultural issues of America, and simultaneously, he compared himself as the sole elective who could bring the genuinely necessary change for the Americans. References Baines, P. (2011).Political marketing(1st ed.). London: SAGE. Move, I., Robertson, D., Hearl, D. (2008).Ideology, technique and gathering change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. CAMPBELL, J. (2005). The basics in US presidential races: Public assessment, the economy and incumben

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Official Transcripts and Test Scores COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Official Transcripts and Test Scores COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog We have started to get some emails about receipt of official transcripts and test scores so let me provide a bit of guidance.   We receive some test reports electronically and others via mail.   The vast majority are sent to us as electronic files and they are downloaded into a centralized Columbia University computer system.   We then have to sync that system with our admission software.   As you know, applicants self report test scores on the admission application and these are the scores we use for the review â€" not the official reports. The process of getting official test scores into our system can take some time and we are still busy wrapping up the admission review process, managing the message board, preparing for Admitted Student Day, and responding to a flurry of emails on a variety of topics.   If you choose to enroll at SIPA we will need to confirm receipt of official test scores by June 15 so we have plenty of time.   We really do not actively start to undertake this process until after the date to pay a deposit passes (May 2nd). I will provide some updates on the process in the near future and for now, if you feel you have submitted your official test scores and/or transcripts, we would just ask for your patience while we work on integrating this information into our system. The process of submitting official transcripts is straightforward.   If you submitted official transcripts with your admission application rest assured we will be tracking them as official.   If you uploaded unofficial copies of your transcripts to our application Web site, then you will need to send official transcripts to our office by June 15th.   The address to send them to is: Columbia SIPA â€" Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 420 West 118th Street Room 408 â€" International Affairs Building New York, NY 10027 Thanks again for your patience and if you asked that your test scores be reported to SIPA they are likely loaded into our campus mainframe, waiting patiently for us to sync them with our system.

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The Clinical Picture of the 78-Year-Old Patient and the Palliative Care Aspect of the Patient Free Essay Example, 2500 words

The patient was a 78 year old man who denies a history of allergies, and medications. He was brought in by the emergency medical services after he was found down and altered by a close friend. The friend noted that the patient had lost about 30 pounds since they last met (4 weeks). Patient has difficulty in remembering what he ate before the previous day. He denies having any form of pain, and reports that he has been coughing. On physical examination, the heart rate was in the 110 s and improved to 130 and then to 140 s systolic with fluid resuscitation. On further examination; the patient is noted to be cachetic, and malnourished. He was alert, oriented, awake and talking. The mucous membranes were very dry. He had tachycardia with inspiratory rales on the right upper lobe of the lung. The abdomen was non distended and non tender. His laboratory results revealed a white blood cell count 16.1 with a left shift, the sodium concentration was 128, the creatinine level was 2.0, and lactate at 5.1. His chest x ray was clear and the head CT scan of the head revealed moderate hypoattenuation of the white matter. We will write a custom essay sample on The Clinical Picture of the 78-Year-Old Patient and the Palliative Care Aspect of the Patient or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The patient has evidence of having an acute kidney injury and hyponatremia. The patient displays evidence of failure to thrive. The initial diagnosis made included altered mental status, acute kidney injury, failure to thrive, malnourishment, starvation, weight loss, history of alcohol abuse, severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dehydration, and hyponatemia, The condition of the patient was determined to be critical and he was admitted into the medical intensive care unit. While in the MICU, the patient complained of increasing cough, difficulty swallowing and abdominal pain. On auscultation of the lungs, there were scattered rhonchi across the lung fields both posterior and anterior. The patient grimaced on palpation of the abdomen and had a productive cough. The bowel sounds were hyperactive and the abdominal x-ray revealed a large amount of stool within the rectosigmoid colon.

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Shylock a Villain in appearance, a Victim at heart Essay

In many plays there are two types of characters, good and evil. Then there are those few who could be on either side of the fence. The character could have both good and evil aspects, creating a complex personality. In The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare, there is an example of one of those characters. Shylock could be one of the most controversial characters ever created. Some people believe he is a victim, while others say he is a villain. In order to trace this idea we should know why people in the Elizabethan era hates Jews. Rodrigo Lopez was a Jew of Portuguese decent, who fled to England in 1559 where he worked as a physician. His practice grew, and in time he was appointed physician to the Queen of England. But the†¦show more content†¦He says it aside when Antonio comes to him to borrow three hundred ducats. So he hates Antonio for no reason only because he is a Christian. Moreover it may be understood further that Shylock accepts to give the money for Antonio only because he knows that he wont be able to pay it back, therefore he will sue him to satisfy himself. Another quote which shows how Shylock wants to exploit Antonio in order to humiliate him: ?Signior Antonio, many a time and oft?/you have rated me/About my moneys and my usuances:/Still have I borne it with a patient shurg,/For sufferenace is the badge of all our tribe./You call me misbeliever, cut-throat dog,/And spit upon my Jewish gaberdine,/And all for use of that which is mine own. Well then, it now appears you need my help?.? (Shakespeare:I,III,106-114) This quote actually doesnt require explanation. Its very clear even to a blind man. After all what Antonio does to Shylock, he lends him the money. What a kind of man who prefers money on the expense of his dignity. Antonio insults Shylock. He calls him a dog, he spits on him and spurns him. But Shylock give him the ducats. A rational man would not even give him a penny if the other insults him in such way. When Antonio goes to Shylock to ask for money. Shylock makes a contract but it seems strange, if Antonio doesn?t repay the money on time, Shylock will get a pound of his flesh. He says: ?Go with me to aShow MoreRelatedThe Merchant of Venice: Is Shylock a Villain or a Victim? Essay846 Words   |  4 PagesIn this essay I will try to discover is Shylock a villain or a victim, in the William Shakespeare play â€Å"The Merchant of Venice† It is difficult to say if Shylock is a complete villain or a victim, as his character is complex and ambiguous. However, it is difficult to view Shylock as anything other than a devious, bloodthirsty and heartless villain in the majority of the play. There are a few points in the story where he can be viewed as victimised, as most Jews were at that time, but ShakespeareRead MoreShylock: Villain or Victim6154 Words   |  25 PagesShylock: Victim or Villain? He is a Jewish moneylender who earns his living by charging interest on money he loans (like modern banks). He often speaks prose in the play, which marks him out as an outsider. He is persecuted by all the non-Jews he knows: He tells Antonio, suffrance is the badge of all our tribe. He is verbally abused and bullied by most characters in the play and is called cruel names including villain with a smiling cheek, cut-throat dog, bloody creditor, damned inexecrableRead MoreMerchant Of Venice Film Analysis1309 Words   |  6 Pagesover the bridge as Shylock looks on, is influential in setting the films anti-Semitic theme. This scene also reveals the volatile relationship between Shylock and Antonio. When Antonio first emerges, he is walking through a mob of Christians as they berate the Jews for their usury profession. Hes wearing a large crucifix around his neck, which serves as a compelling visual link between Antonio and the church. Antonio is being beckoned to in a friendly, welcoming tone by Shylock who then reaches hisRead MoreThe Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare2080 Words   |  9 PagesMerchant of Venice by William Shakespeare The play revolves around one main plot and three sub-plots. The main plot centres on the question of mercy and forgiveness as seen in the relationship between Antonio, the kind Christian, and Shylock, the unrelenting Jew. The three subplots revolve around the romances of Portia and Bassanio (the most important couple in the play), of Lorenzo and Jessica, and of Gratiano and Nerissa (the least important couple of the play). AllRead MoreThe Tragedy of Shylock, a Critical essay on Shakespeares Merchant of Venice2008 Words   |  9 PagesRaymond Schmit ï ¿ ½ PAGE * MERGEFORMAT ï ¿ ½6ï ¿ ½ Shakespeare The Tragedy of Shylock I had not read the _Merchant of Venice_ before this class. All of my familiarity with the play was based on hearsay, and for some reason I got the idea in my heads that it was a tragedy. I thought that Shylock_did_ receive a pound of flesh from Antonio, but that it was just skin removed from his back. This gruesome image was what I was waiting for during my entire reading of the play. But I was pleasantly surprised toRead MoreThe Merchant of Venice- Critical Evaluation2293 Words   |  10 Pagesbeautiful heiress of Belmont. The second part deals with the bond Antonio makes with Shylock, the wealthy Jew. Antonio agrees that if the three thousand ducats he borrows are not repaid within three months he will lose a pound of flesh in order to finance Bassanio’s courtship. Bassanio eventually wins Portia but discovers that Antonio has forfeited the bond. However, disguised as a lawyer, Portia crushes Shylock in the Venetian Court when he tries to get his pound of flesh, and the Chr istians return

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The Case Of Mills V. Rogers - 1458 Words

Facts of Case The case of Mills v. Rogers has a significant importance in virtue of the human, civil and constitutional rights of the patients who are hospitalized at mental institutions. Despite the fact whether the patient was there voluntarily or contrary, Rogers believed that the institutions should respect the patient’s decision when it involved antipsychotic drug treatments. Rubie Rogers was a 36-year old black woman who voluntarily institutionalized herself at the Boston State Hospital (BSH). Rogers suffered from hallucinations along with delusions and acquired a history of thought disorder such as violent behavior. Before Mills v. Rogers, a prior lawsuit was filed. It is essential to have knowledge of the previous case which was Rogers v. Okin, 738 F.2d 1. Rogers became distressed with the forced consumption of Haldol, an antipsychotic medication, causing to set herself on fire in order to be transferred to a medical hospital. On April 27, 1975, Rogers, along with six other patients who were also medicated against their will, initiated lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against officials and staff of the May and Austin Units of the BSH. Plaintiffs were all present or were previous mental patients and were all administered with drugs forcefully. In this case, the Plaintiff prevailed. Shortly after in 1982, Mills v. Rogers was filed with the Federal District Court. Respondents brought a class action case against petitioners alleging that it is against the FederalShow MoreRelatedThe Case Of Mills V. Rogers Essay956 Words   |  4 PagesThe case of Mills v. Rogers has a significant importance in virtue of the human, civil and constitutional rights of the patients who are hospitalized at mental institutions. Despite the fact whether the patient was there voluntarily or contrary, Rogers believed that the institutions should respect the patient’s decision when it involved antipsychotic drug treatments. Rubie Rogers was a 36-year old black woman who voluntarily institutionalized herself at the Boston State Hospital (BSH). Rogers sufferedRead MoreStowers vs Wolodzko1710 Words   |  7 PagesThe case of Stowers v. Wolodzko revolves around the confinement of Mrs. Stowers, a Michigan resident who lived with her husband and two children. Mrs. Stowers was confined in a private mental hospital, in accordance with a court order that was obtained by Dr. Wolodzko and Dr. Smyk. Dr. Wolodzko and Dr. Smyk were under the instruction of the plaintiff’s husband, who wanted his wife’s mental competency evaluated. In December 1963, the doctors signed a statement declaring that they found Mrs. StowersRead MoreHadley V Baxendale : The Court Of Exchequer Chamber1198 Words   |  5 PagesHadley v Baxendale Introduction In 1854 there were a case named Hadley v. Baxendale discussed by the Court of Exchequer Chamber. All the facts are very well-known. The plaintiffs (a person who brings a case against another in a court of law) possessed a mill that went down on account of a break in the crankshaft that worked the plant. Accordingly the plaintiff needed to transport the broken shaft to the first maker, Joyce Co. of Greenwich, to serve as an example for the production of another shaftRead MoreThe Transactions Between Bell Hospitality Limited3535 Words   |  15 Pagesthe contract. Here, the property passes to the buyer when the parties has intended for it to be transferred . But the intention may vary based on reference to the terms of the contract, the actions of the parties and also, the circumstances of the case. Keeping in mind of section 17, since Costbite had exactly the wanted amount, the 20 champagne bottles mentioned in the contract indisputably falls under the specific goods category. The remainder 20 bottles has been labelled for BHL as part of theRead MoreThe Power Of Declare War : Does It Mean Anything Anymore?1736 Words   |  7 Pagescreated an emergency that permitted him the extraordinary power of unilaterally suspending the writ. With Chief Justice Roger Taney sitting as judge, the Federal District Court of Maryland struck down the suspension in Ex Parte Merryman (17 F. Cas. 144 1861). Ex parte Merryman, 17 F. Cas. 144 (C.C.D. Md. 1861) (No. 9487), is a well-known and controversial U.S. federal court case which arose out of the American Civil War. John Merryman was, a Maryland Militia Lieutenant, was arrested and help forRead MoreVideo Notes On Children And Learning With Statistics, Facts And Information5393 Words   |  22 Pages ?Video 1:?, 2010) Video 2:?, 2010) These videos were chosen as they do not have a lot of talking and have subtitles at the bottom. This allows me to read out the subtitles for students who are not able to read quickly like Heazan, but also provides visual stimulus for students like Emily who may not be able to lip read that quickly, or who may struggle to understand without visual aides.? TheyRead MoreCapital Punishment Of The United States2813 Words   |  12 Pagesthe burning house. Neighbors noticed that he wasn’t trying with his heart to save his kids, instead he saved his car before his own children. Evidence and the minor burns on his body have been proven he wasn’t giving his life to save his children (Mills Possley, 2004). Since capital punishment was established it has been modified into different ways of executing. The method of the death penalty was passed down to America from the European ancestors. There are many ways execution took place backRead MoreSale Of Goods Act 1979 : Inclusive And Analyse The Effectiveness And Application Of These Sections3027 Words   |  13 PagesIntroduction: In this assignment I will explain the implied terms under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 ss12-14 inclusive and analyse the effectiveness and application of these sections. Furthermore I will use relevant case law and academic research to support my arguments. The implied conditions which was originally introduced by Sales Of Goods Act 1893 but can now be found in Sections 12-15 of the Sales of Goods Act 1979. Contracts for Sales Of Goods are governed by the Sales of Goods Act 1979, notRead MoreTermination for Convenience Clauses in Building Construction and Infrastructure Contracts8934 Words   |  36 Pagesthat TFC had received little attention in Australian legal writing. One might go further and suggest that even though TFC are now common in government and non-government contracts in Australia, they have received little attention either in decided cases or in relevant literature. It is intended in this paper to consider some of the more significant material. 14. In the United States TFC seems to have developed originally in government war contracts as â€Å"a tool to avoid enormous procurements uponRead MoreTheory of Title: When Does Title to Real Property Transfer in the State of Arkansas6459 Words   |  26 PagesMississippi, Missouri, and Okalahoma and the frequency in which individuals change their residency between the surrounding States. The research examines the type of real estate transfer theory practiced in the State of Arkansas by reviewing relevant case laws, mortgage practices and supplementary materials dealing with contract law and collection of rents. The literature tends to suggest that Arkansas does that follow any particular lien theory and utilizes a combination of each of the three lien

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Immortal Technique Is a Great Rapper free essay sample

Technique is the greatest rapper of all time. Many will argue against this assertion and many will protest that he couldnt possibly be the best because theyve never even heard of him. However, the few who have heard him will agree that he has an incredibly unique voice and lyrical ability and that he touches on subjects that most rappers wont touch with a ten foot pole. Hopefully I can convince you of Immortal Techniques brilliance and convince some people to listen to his music. First of all, Immortal Technique is not a well known rapper. He sold his first scored, Revolutionary Volvo. 1 out of the trunk of his car!It is an absolutely brilliant record and contains the stunning song Dance with the Devil which will haunt you for days if you listen to it. If you look up the song on tunes, it gets nothing but Five star reviews and people rave about how when they first heard it, it blew their mind. We will write a custom essay sample on Immortal Technique Is a Great Rapper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Everyone who has heard the song will admit that it is one of the greatest songs theyve ever heard and that the story in the song has haunted them for days after listening to it. Secondly, Immortal Technique has a very unique approach to political issues. Political hip hop has been a very rare thing since the dominant days of Public Enemy in the early sasss.Many rappers are too obsessed with material objects and boasting to be concerned about the misdeeds of the federal government and its inherently racist institutions. Immortal Technique Is a very rare and amazing artist In that he takes the bull by the horns and exposes many of the lies that the government tells us. He rhymes eloquently about the CIA and Bin Laden, about the twin towers and how they were brought down by demolition, and about the real reason why we are in Iraq and waging a war on terror. He does all of this political rapping in a way that is not preachy or boring In any way, but Is very powerful, persuasive and entertaining.Many will argue that Immortal Technique couldnt possibly be one of the greatest rappers of all time because theyve never even heard of him. They might even ask If hes so great, how come Ive never heard of him? To this objection, I point out that greatness and pop culture exposure are not synonymous or directly related. Immortal Technique was offered many major label deals but those labels wanted him to be less political, less radical, and less honest. Immortal Technique was unwilling o compromise and sell out and has remained an Independent artist without corporate sponsorship.You have to respect his artistic Integrity and his choice to produce perfect art r ather than to pursue the almighty dollar. Immortal Technique Is most certainly one of the best rappers Ive ever heard and deserves a place next to Bilge, Outpace and Jay-Z as one of the foremost lyricists of our time. Anyone who Is Inclined to disagree should listen to some of his work before coming to a contrary conclusion. He has his own unique voice and a message that can wake any listener from their mental slum of apathy and Ignorance. He should be Judged by the quality of his work, not by the number of records he has sold.In short, Immortal Technique Is a thoroughly brilliant rapper and deserves to be considered one of the greatest of all time. Immortal Technique Is a Great Rapper By metallic assertion and many will protest that he couldnt possibly be the best because theyve inherently racist institutions. Immortal Technique is a very rare and amazing artist in and how they were brought down by demolition, and about the real reason why we way that is not preachy or boring in any way, but is very powerful, persuasive an d o compromise and sell out and has remained an independent artist without corporate sponsorship. You have to respect his artistic integrity and his choice to Immortal Technique is most certainly one of the best rappers Ive ever heard and deserves a place next to Biggie, Outpace and Jay-Z as one of the foremost lyricists of our time. Anyone who is inclined to disagree should listen to some of his work before can wake any listener from their mental slum of apathy and ignorance. He should short, Immortal Technique is a thoroughly brilliant rapper and deserves to be